Khanimambo means thank you in Shangana, an ancestral language from the south of Mozambique – the one spoken by our sponsored children. This word was the start of our dream, which today is the dream of many children from Xai-Xai.

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To educate the children today so that they have a better future. And to make the whole family play their part. With a view to that, we have developed educational projects for both children and adults, social, nutritional, health and AIDS prevention programmes...

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     What can              you do?

But we need your help We currently have 200 sponsored children, and our facilites cannot host any more. Our aim is to sponsor 400 children. Will you help us? You can make a donation, become a member or spread the word about the project.

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Niños y niñas de la Fundación Khanimambo en Mozambique

(Español) ¿Estamos preparados para…?

(Español) Cada día del año, durante 12 horas al día, a veces más, nos centramos en Xai-Xai, en ayudar a los niños de Khanimambo, en cubrir todas sus necesidades. Es nuestro compromiso con ellos y por tanto nuestra responsabilidad y la cumplimos todos con energía y pasión.

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